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Woman Winter Long Socks


Rock out that winter stays at home fashion and get your hands on our amazing pair of Women Winter Long Socks!

Cold and sometimes even freezing feet is a very common problem in most cold countries, poor circulation is one of the most common causes of cold feet. When the temperature outdoors drops, your body works to keep your core warm. As a result, your blood vessels in your extremities constrict to limit circulation to the core part of your body. 


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Though this is very normal especially in cold seasons, there are precautions one can follow in order to avoid this uncomfy feeling and what better way to do so but in style with our cool Women Winter Long Socks!


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Keep your toasty and warm in this amazing Women Winter Long Socks when it's cold out. This pair of socks are specially made to be worn for a long time too so it has a feature that can absorb a high amount of moisture, much more than cotton.  

This 100% polyester paired with the cloud-like comfort perfect for socks, will do your feet wonders! Polyester can actually hold a third of its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel "wet." and keeps its insulating properties while wet, which is perfect for sweaty feet.



Knee-High socks are popular in the colder months or for specific sports, this knee-high socks can be adjusted to whatever length that you want to achieve that right amount of warmth and comfort you're longing for. 

Not only does it feel great to wear and would guarantee a hundred percent cloud-like comfort but the Knitted long socks are also definitely making a comeback in the fashion world and we couldn't be more excited about it!


  SOFT & WARM: It would be a tropical paradise with its snug and toasty feel! These fluffy long socks will make you feel all soft and touchy with their fluff.
  VERSATILE: You can use it on any other occasions other than staying at home. Mix-and-match your outfit so you can strut out your stuff in a cozy and stylish manner all at once.
  HIGH-QUALITY: With top-notch products comes this very durable item for long-lasting style and comfort. 




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