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Smart Heated Vest


Are you an adventurer? Do you wish to go hiking or camping in the winter season but you wonder how will you combat the extreme cold? Worry no more; we bring you the perfect solution, Introducing Smart Heated Vest!

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Our premium Smart Heated Vest will help you fight through the extremely cold weather. Now you can enjoy all sorts of adventures and activities you are fond of while feeling toasty and warm. 

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As our Smart Heated Vest is anti-static, breathable, warm, and waterproof, it also provides health benefits like; improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and restore vitality.

This winter heated vest also eliminates inflammation, activates the meridians, relieves pain.

Unisex Heat Vest

With USB compatibility and temperature control, The Smart Heated Vest will give you the maximum experience of comfort and coziness. Get your hands on the best Unisex Heat Vest out there!


✅ INTELLIGENT HEATING:Our Smart Heated Vest is equipped with 4 built-in fine carbon fiber heating panels that are controlled separately by back and front buttons. It rapidly heats within seconds to provide you warmth whenever and wherever.

✅ LIGHT-WEIGHT:The Smart Heated Vest has light-weight insulation that allows you to wear it in various ways without restricting your movement. Now enjoy adventures in full energy!

✅ WATER AND WIND RESISTANT:The Smart Heated Vest is water and wind-resistant to keep you dry and comfortable on adventures. And if you get your vest dirty, it can be conveniently washed as well.

✅ ZIPPER CLOSURE AND BREATHABLE:The Smart Heated Vest is exceptionally soft and breathable, and the front zipper closure allows you to retain the warmth further.

✅ GRS APPROVED:Our Smart Heated Vest is environmentally friendly and emits zero radiation. It has been the Global Recycled Standard approved.

✅ USB CHARGING:The Vest is USB plug compatible, it can be powered easily by any 5V/2.1A power bank. You can find these power banks easily in the market.

Unisex Heat Vest

✅ 3 HEATING LEVELS:Our Smart Heated Vest is equipped with temperature control. It provides 3 various heating levels that go as follows; warm -45°, comfortable gear at 35°, and energy-saving gear at 25°. Now customize the warmth you want to experience! 

✅ LONG-LASTING WARMTH:The Smart Heated Vest offers up to 15+ hours of warmth. And the hood can also be attached to provide an extra bit of comfort and warmth if required.

✅ OVERHEAT PROTECTION:The Smart Heated Vest is completely safe to use. If in any case, the internal temperature exceeds 150°F, the built-in sensors will turn off the power immediately. And you can then turn it back on when the vest has cooled off.

Unisex Heat Vest

✅ MULTI-PURPOSE:Our Unisex Heat Vest is perfect for outdoor use and any adventures you go on in the winter and fall season. You can put it on to go on morning walks, camping, hiking, golf, snowmobiling, skiing, hunting, or even daily activities, etc.

Unisex Heat Vest

Additional Specifications

  • 100% Polyester Fabric 
  • 100% Polyester Lining
  • Degree of Impermeability: 3 IP
  • 3 Gear Heating Levels
  • Temperature Control Range: 25°C to -45°C
  • Color: Black/Dark Blue
  • For Outdoor Use and Daily Activities
  • Unisex: Our Heat Vest is available in a vast range of sizes and is unisex.


Size Chart:

Unisex Heat Vest


Package Includes:

1 x Smart Heated Vest


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