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SmartSwim™️ Baby Swim Trainer


The Perfect Swimming Trainer For Your Baby Is Here!

Now you and your baby can feel safe and have a lot of fun every time you are in the pool, Introducing our Smart Baby Swim Trainer, the perfect aid for your baby in the pool!

The SmartSwim™️ is so advanced that not only does it keep your child safe in the pool but naturally teaches them how to swim by making it comfortable and fun to use the same kicking motion needed for swimming.  


Unlike traditional baby swimming rings, it will not deflate as it is air-free and can float on its own. Our premium SmartSwim™️ is designed lightweight, moisture-proof, anti-crush, and superior buoyancy to remove all kinds of accidents.

Your baby will be the most comfortable baby in the world, he will see and touch the water safely. Our smart swim also has a groove in front so your baby can rest their chin.




Introduce Your Baby To Water: Moisture-proof, anti-crush, and superior buoyancy to remove all kinds of accidental risks, SmartSwim™️ is the perfect way for your baby to know how to swim safely!

High-Quality Materials:No need to worry about leaking, not like other inflatables swimming rings, our baby swim float has a pearl-foam inside that is moisture-proof, yet extremely breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy.

Safety Measures: Our upgraded Sturdy Safety lock and Harness System ensures your baby doesn't slip when they are vigorously paddling. Our Thickly padded adjustable crotch & chest strap together with our Double Safety Clasp provides extra security by supporting their legs, preventing them from slipping out or flipping forward.

Safe For Every Baby: The soft and breathable outer-layer isperfect for babies with sensitive skin. The SmartSwim™️ also works on children from 3 months old to 4 years old (44lbs or 22kgs)


Precautions and Notes:

  • Use The SmartSwim™️ under the supervision of an adult who is within arms reach at all times 
  • Do not use it as a life-saving device.
  • Intended for children aged 3 months to 4 years 
  • Do not remove the plastic cover inside the float 




  • Weight Limit: 44lbs MAX (22kgs)
  • The float measures 19in x 18in (48.5cm x 46.5cm)
  • Suitable for babies with sensitive skin (Swim cloth)