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Portable Baby Bed


One of the biggest issues for parents is getting their baby to sleep and resting well, not just a couple of hours but long enough to allow them to feel well and healthy! Introducing the #1 Portable Baby Bed, the premium bed that will help your baby rest peacefully and protects him from the flat head syndrome.

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Designed for your little one’s well-being, our portable baby bed with a unique headrest area reduces the possibility of suffocation while sleeping or resting.

Our brand new and high-grade quality Portable Baby Bed adapts to your baby’s shape and provides perfect head and back support for your little one to rest and sleep comfortably. And the head and leg support are adjustable to suit your baby’s comfort.

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The premium quality baby portable bed is an ideal fit for babies up to 12 months. And it is easy to carry and light-weight so to take on travel, vacations, or elsewhere.

Moreover, this baby portable bed is washable and reusable, so you can use this single baby bed for all newborns. Rather than buying a new one for each baby. 


✅ UNIQUE DESIGN:Our Baby Portable Bed is specially designed to adapt to your little one’s sleep postures and characteristics. The shape is super snuggly to imitate a baby’s embryo period.

✅ ADJUSTABLE:The Portable Bed has a positioning pillow that can be adjusted to provide easy protection and comfort to your baby. The adjustable leg support raises your baby’s legs to aid digestion or breathing. The 3D integrated molding technology will give your baby the perfect nap time!

Baby Portable Bed

✅ PORTABLE:The best part about our Baby Bed is that it is extremely travel-friendly. It is light-weight and can be easily carried around to bring on a comfortable experience with you wherever you go.

✅ ERGONOMIC:Our Baby Bed also has a very scientific unique design. The head support is designed to protect your little one’s head shape and prevent a flat head. And the comfortable back support can allow your baby to rest and nap easily.

Baby Portable Bed

✅ GOOD SLEEP:The Baby Portable Bed is made with plush cotton and velvet pillowcase that will ensure not just a good night’s sleep for your baby but you, as a parent, as well.

✅ BEST QUALITY:Our Portable Bed is built with premium quality. The space memory sponge and breathable mesh are super soft and imperishable, and the knitting is also very firm and secure. You can reuse our portable crib with your next born as well!

Baby Portable Bed

Additional Specifications:

  • Cotton Surface and Polyester Filling
  • Color: Beige, Gray, Blue
  • Size: 56 x 37 x 5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Baby Portable Bed 


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