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Men's Body Slimming Vest

Get your self-esteem back!

Looking for a total transformation in your body? You’re in the right place. We made this physique-improving, game-changing, seamless undershirt with cooling features and compression zones that transform the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes!


  • Shape your chest, waist, and stomach. Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Gynecomastia or "man boobs"
  • Seamless into your favorite t-shirts, sweaters or tailored business suits.
  • Made of the highest quality Spandex, easy to take on and take off, unlike other similar chest slimming shirts for men.
  • Breathable for improving blood circulation and fat burning, also it helps with back support and posture. 

 Engineered design to Support Back and Improve Posture

Our Slimming Vests are fitted with specific body-hugging, engineered spandex structure to the back, this acts support the back and give a strong and straight look. This X brace design not only supports the upper back however also improves posture.

12 structured pads, ensure a slim & firm look

The Front of the vest contains 12 Engineered spandex structures, which hug, form and shape the front of the stomach area forming a desirable firm and flat surface. This gives the user an athletic, flat and slim look, and can reduce waist size by up to 2 Sizes. The upper area also shapes the top of the chest giving a shapely and firm front look, removing signs of "manboobs".

Maximum Comfort, Manoeuvrability and Ventilation by design

The Neck and the arms of the vest are designed to give good ventilation and with the low neckline, meaning it can be worn under nearly every garment, such as shirts, tee-shirts, polo's, etc.

The extra ventilation is also to ensure the vest can be worn in all weathers, without the wearer getting hot and sweaty

The Nylon + Spandex engineered combination, ensure comfort and Manoeuvrability as well as a figure shaping, further, nobody will realize you are wearing one!