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Protective Baby Diaper Skirt™️

“This Protective Baby Skirt Diaper has made my life so much easier, my baby girl sleeps comfortably every night and she doesn’t mess herself up during her accidents because of its waterproof abilities, I love it!”

- Daniela M.  Verified Customer

These Skirts Will Prevent Any Mess At Night!

Introducing The Protective Baby Diaper Skirt™️ a cute and specially designed baby diaper skirt that is completely leakproof and allows your baby to move around comfortably in their little bed!

Our Protective Baby Diaper Skirt is made of premium fluffy material that makes it very soft and silky against babies’ young and delicate skin.

The Protective Baby Diaper Skirt™️ has TPU waterproof layers that help absorb a lot of fluids quickly and efficiently without wetting the bed or any other places that your baby wants to lie down.    


Additionally, it features two buttons in the bottom to prevent the cloth from folding up while still maintaining a lot of space for babies to move around without causing any discomfort. 

This baby skirt was carefully made with the purpose of maintaining your baby dry, comfy and sleeping calmly the whole night without interruptions.



WATERPROOF AND ABSORBENT: The waterproof layers make this training diaper waterproof and help to hold a lot of liquid. They are perfect to use in the process of the diaper would move around the leg area leading to multiple accidents each night.

SOFT AND BREATHABLE: 100% cotton fabric, our Protective Baby Diaper Skirt is super soft and breathable for your baby.

DOUBLE WIDE ELASTIC BAND: The Double Wide Elastic Band gives more comfort to your baby’s tummy, comfortable and stretchy.

BUTTON FEATURES: Two buttons in the bottom prevent the skirt from turning for babies to move comfortably!

Package Includes:

1 x Protective Baby Diaper Skirt™️


Size Chart:

Small: 17cm*35cm+7cm suitable for 0-4years

Large: 18cm*45cm+7cm, suitable for 4-8years  

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