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Portable Soap Sheets

Prevent any infections or bacteria with these Portable Soap Sheets that allow you to wash your hands nearly anywhere you go, each portable soap sheet will disinfect your hands from all kinds of bacteria with just 1 sheet. Simple, portable and convenient.

It is not easy to get hold of soap in some places and especially when you are on the move or outdoors


  • Stay Clean & Hygienic
    There will always be soap with you that you can use to wash your hands to stay clean and hygienic
  • Skin Friendly: The Portable Soap Sheets will disinfect your hands 100% free of germs and bacteria
  • Convenient: Perfect for when you're at home, outdoors, or at any public event that you want to keep your hands clean.
  • Easy To Carry: They come in a small container that is so easy to store, you can fit them right in your pocket or in your purse anytime you're out for a walk or in your car so you can clean your hands at any time you need!

Package Includes: 

  • 20x Portable Soap Sheets (20 sheets per container)
  • 1x Plastic Cover


  • Color will be sent randomly
  • Shipped from the USA