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ProSlice™️ - Adjustable Professional Slicer

Now you can cut your favorites ingredients fast and without a lot of effort!

Our ProSlice™️  does everything you need, straight cuts, waffle and wavy cuts, small julienne cuts, and larger french fry cuts. In total there are 18 different cuts ranging from 1mm to 7mm thickness.

  • Safe Blades: The blades are integrated into the machine, blade selection and thickness are adjusted with the turn of a dial on the side of the mandoline. This allows for safe transition between blades, as your fingers never have to touch the sharp edge
  • Quality and Design: Combination of durable, food grade plastic and stainless steel. The safety hand guard holds food securely and does not bind in the track during slicing, a foldable leg with rubberized grips keeps the ProSlice™️ at the right angle for comfortable slicing
  • Simple and Easy: Don't need to replace blades. All thickness adjustments are achieved with the turn of a knob. The blade adjustment knob provides seamless change between the Integrated blades, eliminating loose parts.
  • Non-Toxic: Made of safe food grade materials, environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe.